One of the surprising facts about addiction, is that it affects a huge chunk of the population of any country or state. In the executive world, it is seen that addiction is common among professionals, the only major difference, is the fact that it is often ignored, or barely managed. The major fear as regards this, is losing lots of money because the time which would have been spent at work, would be used in going for treatments at rehab centres.

An executive is someone who commands much power and respect among his staff, as there are a large group of people who respond to him, he has barely little or no supervision, as he is his own boss. Hence, the perfect image has been created, as his subordinates look up to him, with some of them making him their role model or mentor. The addicted executive would not want his image to be stained, so they would make conscious efforts to ensure that no one knows about their addiction problems, and they would also not want to be seen at addiction treatment centres.

Leadership in the corporate world today, can be regarded as one which gives room for the use of alcohol and drugs, placing an importance on strength, and avoiding weakness, alongside with the utmost refusal to call the bluff of anyone who makes efforts to assist them combat addiction. The image which the corporate world gives a professional, is one with high standards, and they have to keep up with.

These set of people are expected to exhibit qualities such as: great decision making skills, intelligence, good character, ability to withstand a competitive environment amongst others. For professionals who are struggling with addiction, it becomes difficult with time to maintain the acceptable image of the corporate professional.

They often have the belief that they can control themselves, and the addiction would give way soon. However, when it comes to addiction, it is a problem which cannot be self-cured. Rather, it gives way when extra help is integrated.

Professionals are advised not to be ashamed as regards making known their addiction problems to people who can help out, as addiction is not a case which can be self-managed for a long while.