Executive rehab are basically for public leaders, top-ranking executives, business owners, chief executive officers and a host of other top positions. An executive rehab caters for the mental health and addiction treatment need of the above-mentioned set of people.

It would interest you to know that an executive rehab functions like a conventional rehab. However, there is an obvious difference when it comes to service delivery like mode of conversation with clients, consultation processes amongst others.

Now, an executive rehab gives special care to its clients because of the peculiarity of their situation. Executives have an image to protect; they have lots of people who are looking up to them in all ramifications.

So, even if they are addicted or they have a mental health problem, it is advisable to go to an executive rehab instead of opting for the regular one.

An executive rehab works with the schedule of the executive. So, these individuals have the luxury of coming when they are free to receive treatment and going back to their normal lives.

For those who have complicated cases, they might have to stay within the confines of an executive rehab under the guise of going on a vacation when relating with their subordinates.

At the executive rehab, the people who work here are highly trained and executive.

Down to the receiving officer to the counselor, mental health professional, therapists and other workers, they are professionals who are skilled at what they do. So, you can expect that the level of expertise at an executive rehab would be more than a conventional rehab.  

Also, there are recreational facilities that would keep these executives engaged while at the executive rehab. It makes them feel comfortable because the structures here induce the home feeling.

All these and more contribute to the success of an executive’s treatment at an executive rehab.

Receiving this exclusive care comes in handy to ensuring that addicted executives or those who have mental health problem are treated successfully.  


Executives are susceptible to being addicted but most people do not know about this. A good look at an executive suggests to you that they have the perfect life because they have everything at their beck and call.

For all of them, this is the case, but they would not tell you that they have tough challenges that they are dealing with because of the regards people have for them.

A good number of executives try to conceal the problems they are facing but it does not turn out well eventually. This is why they also need to open up to counselors and mental health professionals who would provide the needed help for them.

One of the needed health tips that executives are meant to implement is regular exercise. No matter how tight the schedule of an executive might be, it is important to find time to undergo exercise.

There are several benefits that comes with exercise and it transcends across all the vital organs of the body. So, each moment of exercise counts to the whole body.

Also, sticking to a nutritional plan is great. Alongside with exercise, eating right helps you to achieve a great state of health.

Eating right will also help you fight against deficiencies like obesity and a host of others. Having a nutritional plan ensures that you will take less sugary and fat-containing foods, and more of vegetables and fruits.

In addition to this, executives are expected to rest effectively. The body needs time to refresh and rejuvenate and this applies to the brain as well. Executives need to be in a great state of mind to perform optimally. So, resting affords them this opportunity.

Top executives spend a good part of their careers ensuring they contribute positively to the industry they find themselves.

For those who know that they are working more than they should, it is important to implement these health practices so that their health can be properly managed.  


One of the surprising facts about addiction, is that it affects a huge chunk of the population of any country or state. In the executive world, it is seen that addiction is common among professionals, the only major difference, is the fact that it is often ignored, or barely managed. The major fear as regards this, is losing lots of money because the time which would have been spent at work, would be used in going for treatments at rehab centres.

An executive is someone who commands much power and respect among his staff, as there are a large group of people who respond to him, he has barely little or no supervision, as he is his own boss. Hence, the perfect image has been created, as his subordinates look up to him, with some of them making him their role model or mentor. The addicted executive would not want his image to be stained, so they would make conscious efforts to ensure that no one knows about their addiction problems, and they would also not want to be seen at addiction treatment centres.

Leadership in the corporate world today, can be regarded as one which gives room for the use of alcohol and drugs, placing an importance on strength, and avoiding weakness, alongside with the utmost refusal to call the bluff of anyone who makes efforts to assist them combat addiction. The image which the corporate world gives a professional, is one with high standards, and they have to keep up with.

These set of people are expected to exhibit qualities such as: great decision making skills, intelligence, good character, ability to withstand a competitive environment amongst others. For professionals who are struggling with addiction, it becomes difficult with time to maintain the acceptable image of the corporate professional.

They often have the belief that they can control themselves, and the addiction would give way soon. However, when it comes to addiction, it is a problem which cannot be self-cured. Rather, it gives way when extra help is integrated.

Professionals are advised not to be ashamed as regards making known their addiction problems to people who can help out, as addiction is not a case which can be self-managed for a long while.

The Difference that Executive Rehab Makes

executive rehab differenceExecutive rehab is worlds apart from other rehab programs. It is designed for high profile individuals who are busy with executive positions and leadership or management roles in their professional lives. This lifestyle presents numerous challenges, some of which apply a great deal of stress and pressure to the individual, who then turns to addiction or substance abuse to escape. High caliber professionals are just as prone to addiction as any other demographic, yet the way they process life mentally is very unique. This means that rehabilitation programs designed specifically for high profile individuals is necessary.

At an executive rehab, you can expect to receive respect for your professional obligations. At lower level rehabs, this is not the case. Individual clients’ professional obligations are not prioritized much at all, nor is their privacy, individualism or dietary needs. At an executive rehab, the staff and management understands that their clients cannot break away from work entirely, and accomodates their needs with business centers, flexible schedules and travel options. This is hardly a feature of rehab that a high profile individual can afford to overlook.

Secondly, the treatment at an executive rehabilitation center is highly personalized. All of the treatment material will be geared toward high functioning, effective persons because that is the clientele they cater to, but on top of that, the type of material will be personalized further to address each client’s circumstance. Some high profile individuals struggle with anger issues, some with anxiety disorders and some with depression. Everyone needs help in different areas when they come to rehab, and an executive rehab program will go above and beyond to accomodate these needs.

And lastly, executive rehab will ensure that you are able to maintain the lifestyle you are accustomed to. Having to function in a radically different environment in order to go to rehab is distracting, and takes your focus off of your treatment. It is best that you receive treatment and a living environment that matches what you are accustomed to.

Who is Affected by Addiction and Substance Abuse?

substance abuse addiction high functioning peopleAddicts and substance abusers are thought of as lesser than the average person; undisciplined, out of control and impulsive. In North American society, we place a stigma on addiction and substance abuse, and stereotype those who are afflicted with these conditions. These are outdated, ignorant views of addicts and substance abusers that need to be put to an end.

The truth about this kind of person is that they are your neighbors, coworkers, peers, friends and family. The number of people who experience addiction or substance abuse at some point in their lives is close to twenty-percent. Equally important to understand is that addicts and substance abusers cannot be spotted by looking for the seemingly unstable personalities in your life. They are frequently CEOs, executives, physicians, attorneys and other high profile professions. Addicts and substance abusers are typically very high-functioning people who are capable of great accomplishments, but when they get sucked in by addiction or substance abuse, they can struggle the hardest with overcoming it.

The reason that high-functioning people and addicts or substance abusers are often one in the same is because both are a pursuit of a similar state of mind. A high-profile person is one with incredible talent and responsibility. Their high functioning brains are capable of going distances that the average person cannot match. Obviously, one of these pursuits is sustainable and the other is not. This type of personality finds purpose and euphoria in taking on extremes – extreme challenges or extreme pleasures. This means that both pursuits – for example, an executive position and a mind altering drug – will give the individual the same pleasurable feeling. Dopamine is the brain chemical that humans create when they discover something pleasurable. Recent studies indicate that addicts and substance abusers are less capable of creating dopamine than the average person, which explains why they go to further extremes in order to achieve it. But even though the dopamine creation is equal between healthy extremes and unhealthy extremes, the rest of a person’s life is not equal. Where as taking on an extreme career or hobby can be rewarding and health, abusing or being addicted to a substance or behavior is harmful, sometimes even lethal, and must be put to a stop.

Identifying Substance Abuse Problems in Your CEO

CEO substance abuse

Chief executive officers are among the most likely people to develop a substance abuse issue, as a result of higher quantities of stress and tension. It is possible that you have discovered habits of your Chief Executive Officer that suggest a substance abuse problem. Perhaps you do not wish to over react, but think about the consequences of an alcohol or drug abuse problem that is left untreated. Chief executive officers and business professionals are high income earners and can easily obtain some of the most costly and controversial substances available if they choose, such as strong types of alcohol, opiates, street drugs and pharmaceuticals. Each year, lives are damaged or even ended due to these substances, so it is necessary to take suspicions seriously.

Indications that your CEO has a drug or alcohol abuse problem may include:

  • Drunkenness throughout work shifts
  • Drunkenness at social gatherings or lunch breaks
  • Decreasing health and wellness
  • Not able to remember certain events they attended
  • Finding substances in the CEO’s work or personal space
  • Repeated missed meetings or conferences
  • Stumbling, slurring of words or scent of alcoholic beverages
  • Visible signs of hangover throughout work shift
  • Symptoms of depression or stress and anxiety

If you have witnessed any of these behaviors in your Chief Executive Officer, it is feasible that the person has a drug or alcohol abuse issue. It is advised you voice these concerns to the human resources department of your company so they can employ the services of an expert interventionist. A good quality addiction recovery program can help your CEO to their recovery.


Luxury Rehab for CEOs

CEO luxury rehabSome people think of luxury rehabs as nothing more than relaxing vacations and getaways for celebrities and the well-to-do. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Luxury rehab facilities are some of the most accredited addiction treatment programs available and are widely respected in both medical and mental health circles. Business executives and chief executive officers are highly susceptible to addiction and substance abuse problems. For this reason, the treatment they receive needs to be highly specialized and developed with a high profile person in mind.

It is important for these business professionals to be understood by the staff that cares for them through their recovery. An awareness of the trials and challenges that these positions face is necessary in order to properly counsel the individual back to a healthy lifestyle. In regard to the underlying causes of addiction and substance abuse among business professionals, it is important that the treatment addresses the hardships, lifestyle choices and personalities of this type of individual. The recovery program needs to work with the business professional to teach anger and stress management as these are regular contributors to addiction and substance abuse issues.

It is also important that the accommodations during treatment resemble that of the CEO’s normal living conditions. Chief executive officers are extremely successful individuals who have access to a high quality of life. If this lifestyle is prevented, the individual will be distracted from their recovery and the treatment will be less effective. The luxury rehabilitation environment should always offer comforts such as gourmet meals, elegant environments, spaciousness and a desirable geographical location. It is also important for the treatment program to work around the needs of the client’s work schedule and job commitments.

There is no reason that a successful CEO should have anything but the best in addiction and substance abuse treatment. Luxury alcohol rehab programs and luxury drug rehab programs cater to high profile individuals and will do anything to make their stay comfortable, effective and worthwhile.

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Substance Abuse Treatment for CEOs

CEO substance abuse treatmentThe CEO of a company is its most essential player. The decisions about which direction a company moves toward rests in the hands of the CEO. This is a responsibility of enormous measure and consequence that befalls the CEO. One wrong move could cost people their jobs and livelihoods. This is why a CEO is more likely than other working professionals to acquire a substance abuse problem. When this occurs, CEOs require substance abuse treatment that was created specifically for their unique personality types and mindsets.

CEOs tend to fall into substance abuse as a means of coping with the stress and pressure that their job brings to them. As opposed to finding a healthy way of dealing with anxiety, drugs, alcohol and food are commonly turned to in order to alleviate the strain of professional hardships. It is also very common for a CEO to hide their substance abuse problems, even for a matter of years, which tends to make the moment they lose control that much more explosive.

Considering how much direction depends on a CEO, it is necessary for the substance abuse treatment they receive to be taken seriously. The abuse of substances takes a heavy toll on the abuser, and over time the person will no longer be able to function at a high level. Their addiction ravages their health and acuity, their company falters in the absence of strong leadership and all employees and assets are jeopardized.

Luxury rehab is the best method of treating a CEO who is overwhelmed with substance abuse issues. At a high-end rehab facility, CEOs will receive world class substance abuse treatment while retaining the quality of life that they are used to. These treatment programs are created specifically for high functioning individuals such as CEOs. They successfully address the root causes of substance abuse in high profile persons and help them change their behavior to live a healthier, more productive life.

CEO Addiction Help

addiction help chief executive officerThe title of Chief Executive Officer is a desirable one, but it is commonly neglected knowledge that CEOs can be 50-percent more likely to develop addictive tendencies and substance abuse problems as everyone else. This is due to the intense professional pressures that CEOs face. It is not uncommon for an executive such as a CEO to require addiction or substance abuse treatment, and when that need is present, there needs to be a specific type of treatment program that this caliber of person can be connected with.

A CEO tends to encounter hardships that most people would not be able to deal with. Serious stress and weighty responsibilities fall on the leaders of businesses, which is why these kinds of professional positions require levels of responsibility and energy that are unique to high-functioning individuals. When an executive or CEO is in need of addiction or substance abuse treatment, they require professional help that has an awareness of the stress, pressure and demands that these positions face on a daily basis.

When the time comes for a Chief Executive Officer to face their disorder and receive treatment, it is not advisable that they select an ordinary treatment program. A number of rehabs and addiction treatment centers are funded by government aid and cannot meet the lifestyle or expectations of a high-functioning person. These types of rehabs often do not have access to the more current treatment methods, and are in a state of overcrowding and disrepair. These programs simply cannot offer the quality of life that someone like a CEO expects.

Rather than be disappointed by a sub par rehab experience, a CEO or business professional is better off in a high-end rehabilitation facility that was created with higher profile persons in mind. At a luxury rehab center, customers will be cared for by medical and mental health specialists who will assist them with detoxing, counseling exercises, therapeutic endeavors and after care possibilities that are fit for a high profile individual.