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Executive rehab are basically for public leaders, top-ranking executives, business owners, chief executive officers and a host of other top positions. An executive rehab caters for the mental health and addiction treatment need of the above-mentioned set of people. It would interest you to know that an executive rehab functions like a conventional rehab. However, […]


Executives are susceptible to being addicted but most people do not know about this. A good look at an executive suggests to you that they have the perfect life because they have everything at their beck and call. For all of them, this is the case, but they would not tell you that they have […]


One of the surprising facts about addiction, is that it affects a huge chunk of the population of any country or state. In the executive world, it is seen that addiction is common among professionals, the only major difference, is the fact that it is often ignored, or barely managed. The major fear as regards […]

The Difference that Executive Rehab Makes

Executive rehab is worlds apart from other rehab programs. It is designed for high profile individuals who are busy with executive positions and leadership or management roles in their professional lives. This lifestyle presents numerous challenges, some of which apply a great deal of stress and pressure to the individual, who then turns to addiction […]

Who is Affected by Addiction and Substance Abuse?

Addicts and substance abusers are thought of as lesser than the average person; undisciplined, out of control and impulsive. In North American society, we place a stigma on addiction and substance abuse, and stereotype those who are afflicted with these conditions. These are outdated, ignorant views of addicts and substance abusers that need to be […]