Identifying Substance Abuse Problems in Your CEO

CEO substance abuse

Chief executive officers are among the most likely people to develop a substance abuse issue, as a result of higher quantities of stress and tension. It is possible that you have discovered habits of your Chief Executive Officer that suggest a substance abuse problem. Perhaps you do not wish to over react, but think about the consequences of an alcohol or drug abuse problem that is left untreated. Chief executive officers and business professionals are high income earners and can easily obtain some of the most costly and controversial substances available if they choose, such as strong types of alcohol, opiates, street drugs and pharmaceuticals. Each year, lives are damaged or even ended due to these substances, so it is necessary to take suspicions seriously.

Indications that your CEO has a drug or alcohol abuse problem may include:

  • Drunkenness throughout work shifts
  • Drunkenness at social gatherings or lunch breaks
  • Decreasing health and wellness
  • Not able to remember certain events they attended
  • Finding substances in the CEO’s work or personal space
  • Repeated missed meetings or conferences
  • Stumbling, slurring of words or scent of alcoholic beverages
  • Visible signs of hangover throughout work shift
  • Symptoms of depression or stress and anxiety

If you have witnessed any of these behaviors in your Chief Executive Officer, it is feasible that the person has a drug or alcohol abuse issue. It is advised you voice these concerns to the human resources department of your company so they can employ the services of an expert interventionist. A good quality addiction recovery program can help your CEO to their recovery.